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Level-Up Languages

    Skyrocket yourself to success! 


    For you to succeed at learning languages, you absolutely need:

  • The right vehicle-Your Rocketship:  The GLOT Method - the proven method/plan to get you there faster

  • The right flight plan: GLOT Lingo Quests and Challenges - simple, quick, easy lessons; -our focused, short practice sessions 

  • The right tools: The GLOT Flight Deck and GLOT TiPs -an innovative, gamified platform to keep it fun and stress-free; -our uniquely practical lessons to master the language effortlessly 

  • The right pilot:  Your Very Own Experienced Master Teacher - to guide you along the way 


  • You will learn International Spanish- a Spanish that will be widely accepted worldwide, void of any dialect from any specific country or region.

  • We follow low national standards (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages-ACTFL) and international standards (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages-CEFR) in all four skills (Writing, Listening, Speaking, Reading) 

  • In Spanish Levels I-III, we focus on the high-frequency words used in everyday conversational Spanish (Real Academia Española-RAE).

    GLOT Method:

    The GLOT Method is a proven, time-tested method that has several benefits:

  • Boosts Confidence

  • Maintains a low-stress environment for better language learning

  • Engages learners over 30 times more

  • Better retention with short, simple lessons, whole brain learning

  • Pod-focused (see benefits below)

    Pod-Focused Benefits:

    The benefits of pods are countless. Based on extensive research in the educational field, pods/small group learning ensures that you will:          

  • Talk More

  • Have More Fun

  • Learn Faster

  • Make Friends

  • Build Team Skills