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About Alina


Alina here! 

I am the lead teacher, creator and founder of glot.education and Level-Up Languages. I am here to show you that there is a way to learn languages easier, faster, and in a fun way.


Here are some facts about me and my language experience and expertise:

  • Know firsthand the skills and tricks to learn a foreign language. I began my first foreign language at age 5! 

  • Have over 30 years of experience teaching languages in schools, and over 12 years teaching virtually.

  • Trained by many master language teachers and professors since age 15.

  • Began formal language studies at the university and language schools abroad at age 12!

  • I have taught over 5500 students to:

  • Raise their grades/scores 

  • Lower stress

  • Build confidence

  • Improve proficiency in the language

  • A little more detail? Here is my journey in learning languages…


    I know firsthand what it takes to learn foreign languages. I started at age 5 when I left Cuba and put in a school in the USA without knowing a word of English. No English classes were offered, my parents could not afford a tutor, and they didn’t speak English either. 


    So, I flunked First Grade. And…


    … I struggled for seven years because no one taught me how to learn the language, until my Sixth-Grade teacher realized I could not read. Wonderful Mrs. Keesee! During her break and my recess she taught me English phonics and finally learned how to read!  


    Talk about a lightbulb turning on! (Actually, it was like a lighthouse beacon!)- a whole new world opened up to me!! I could finally read and understand English for the first time! I enclosed myself in my bedroom for what seemed an eternity trying to catch up on years of feeling I was in the Dark Ages of Learning!




    At age 10, I was learning French with a private tutor. Then… 

    At age 12 (yes, this is NOT a typo!), my dad enrolled me at the university to study French in the summers. 

    Beginning at age 15 I was:

  • training with language teachers at workshops

  • studying French and Spanish at the university (while in high school)

  • studying foreign languages abroad

  • began to learn Brazilian Portuguese (I already understood it, so why not?)

  • Eventually, I majored/studied languages and education (French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese)

    Then, there is Japanese and other language stories, but that will be for another time.