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A New Gamified Learning Platform


We are super excited to have you here! GLOT.education and Level-Up Languages was created and founded by lead teacher Alina Fernandez to address the need for a simpler and easier way to reach more students who were struggling, felt frustrated and lost when it came to learning languages.  

Many students had no clue on how to learn a foreign language and they lacked the skills and tools to make it happen. Other students had turned to apps or online programs but noticed after 2-3 years of daily practice that they still could not speak or write the language. They had no idea how to structure sentences. (See our Reviews)

It took Alina a few years to find the right learning platform for my method, but she was ecstatic!   After our successful beta in June 2023, it was confirmed! We are delighted that we can now reach more students worldwide to help them succeed in learning languages in fun, engaging ways! 

Hope you join us soon!